A range of equipment to make your stay easier


We are trying to provide a range of equipment for those with additional needs.

This equipment must be reserved at time of booking. If you need equipment when you arrive and have not reserved it, please ask, if it is available we will do our best to meet your needs.

Currently, we have available:


5 x profile beds

Ur Zone safe space bed

Sidhill Inspiration Cot (includes mattress)

Shower Chairs



Adapted car

We have been gifted an adapted car. It can seat one driver, two passengers and a wheelchair passenger. Access for the wheelchair is by ramp into the back of the vehicle.

To use this car you must:

  • reserve it in advance of your stay
  • be over the age of 21 years
  • have a clean valid UK drivers licence

We request that you make a donation to the charity for the use of the car.

Other equipment

  • travel cot
  • Ikea high chair
  • booster seat for dining chair
  • nappy bin
  • baby monitors

Borrow or buy

To find out what else you can borrow or buy during your stay please visit: