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We now have dates available to book in the cabins. Booking online is not yet possible. Please contact us to make an enquiry.

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About the cabins

Our six new cabins are more than the usual glamping pod. The cabins are bespoke built and have stunning views across the countryside.

  • Each cabin is self contained.
  • 2 sets of cabins can be booked with an adjoining cabin and social space or “link room”.
  • Each cabin can sleep up to 5 adults. (Please see details to check if our space will meet your needs)
  • Each cabin has a 2 bed bunk room with additional mattress plus two beds (or a sofa bed) in the living space.
  • Each cabin has its own bathroom, kitchen, and living area.
link room

Design Features and locks

For flexibility our cabins can be adapted to suit your needs. Kitchens and bathrooms in cabins 1-4 are lockable to keep everything secure. There are open plan kitchens in cabins 5&6 to allow space for profile beds and wheelchair access.

We have grassy space around the cabins, and for those who like to run, cabins 1, 2 and 3 are enclosed within a secure perimeter fence. All the cabins have “Stable doors” which allow ventilation through the top part being open whilst the bottom can remain closed.

In each cabin, there is a wet room. The shower can be switched off from outside. Hopefully this can be used to encourage those who would love to stand in the shower all day to come out. The loo roll holder can slide off to remove it if need be.

There is a lockable cupboard which also houses the WiFi connection to our superfast broadband.

The link room has french doors which open onto a decked area with amazing views.


Cabins 1,3,4 and 5, have beds which can be twins or join to make a king size. Cabin 2 has a very comfortable sofa bed which pulls out to a king size. Cabin 6 has beds which adjust top and bottom. We can also put a profile bed in cabin 5. Alternatively, profile beds can go in a link room, so cabin 5 could take 2 profile beds if booked with the link room. We also have a safe space bed which can be put up in a link room.

Play-Barn and outdoor fun coming soon.

At the moment we are waiting on the grass growing around the space between the cabins and next season we hope to have a children’s climbing frame in this space too. In the meantime, we have two children’s climbing frames with swings and slide in our camping field.

The barn which sits beside the cabins is named after our amazing builder Dougie who has put his all into building for us. The outside of Bissett’s Barn has been constructed and we are fundraising for the interiors. At the moment it is a big empty space for burning off energy – there are some scooters and toy cars, but we have plenty more in storage waiting to turn this into a space for all ages who like to play. Our plans for this space include a sensory room and laundry amongst other things.