Terms and conditions

We request that you read the following Terms and Conditions before making your booking. By booking with us, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.


You, as the person making the booking, will be responsible for all members of your party. You, as the person in charge of your party, must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Bookings can be made in the following ways:

We reserve the right to refuse any bookings.

We will not share your information with any third parties.

The price of the accommodation

Payment is by bank transfer. Deposit required in advance is full payment for the first night. Please see the camping page for latest prices.

This price includes the use of a toilet and shower facility in one of our farm sheds. This facility is shared by other campers but is kept clean for your use. If you find that it needs cleaned, please notify us. These facilities are an added bonus to your booking as they are not required for Wilderness Camping. However the facilities are covered by these terms and conditions. Please respect them.

Regarding COVID 19

We have taken measures to minimise the risk, but it your personal safety is your responsibility. We will include current measures and information in your booking confirmation.

Arrival and departures.

Arrival is after 1pm and departure before 11am unless prior arrangements have been agreed by the owners.

Holiday behaviour standards

Ring Farm is a quiet working farm offering various kinds of holiday accommodation.  If you behave in a manner likely to cause distress to other guests, create a nuisance, cause undue noise or disturbance, or otherwise cause a problem to the farm business or contravene these Terms and Conditions, you may be required to vacate the premises.  In these circumstances, we will not be liable for any costs incurred by you to secure alternative accommodation.

Children have a lot of freedom around the camping area, but in the interests of safety they are not allowed to enter any of the buildings, except for the toilet facilities, through the entrance indicated to you on your arrival. We expect that children will be settled in their tents by 9pm onwards to allow a quiet time for other guests.

The children who live on the farm have a treehouse adjacent to the camping field. This is not intended for campers to use. The children may wish to play together which is fine, but please be aware that this is a family space and not necessarily safe for other children.

You must keep the campsite and any surrounding areas clean and tidy and leave them in the same condition as when you arrived.

By making a booking with us, you have entered into a contract by which you undertake, on behalf of yourself and the people in your party, to adopt the following standards of behaviour:

  • To act in a courteous and considerate manner towards us and other guests
  • To ensure that your children are properly supervised so that they do not create a nuisance, or endanger themselves or other guests
  • To respect other guests and keep noise to a minimum between 11:00pm and 7.30am
  • To ensure livestock, crops and other farm related animals, equipment or facilities are not damaged, distressed or otherwise disrespected.
  • To ensure natural conditions are not disturbed. Trees and other vegetation may not be cut or otherwise damaged. This includes tying ropes to trees and driving nails into trees.

You agree that you will not commit any criminal offence (including, but not limited to, vandalism, carrying a firearm or any other weapon, and using illegal drugs).

Health and Safety

We take the wellbeing and safety of our guests seriously.  Therefore, we would ask that you comply with the following:

  • Only the number of guests booked may occupy your accommodation.  You may bring additional guests, provided you obtain our prior consent.  If the number of guests occupying your accommodation is found to exceed the number booked, or the number for which consent has been obtained, you may be required to vacate the premises.
  • Please be aware that we are a working farm and, on occasion, heavy vehicles will be in use.  We would therefore ask that you ensure that your children are properly supervised at all times, as it is difficult for the drivers of heavy vehicles to see them
  • Commercial vehicles and other towing vehicles may only be brought onto the farm with our prior consent. Lorries may not be brought onto the farm.
  • Recreational vehicles may not be used on the farm.  This includes motorised scooters (with the exception of mobility scooters).
  • You and your party may only use a barbeque on Site if it is placed outside and raised off the ground. Only open fires made in the fire pits provided are permitted. Generators are not permitted without prior permission.
  • Mechanical or repair work may not be undertaken on the farm.


Guests may bring pets, provided they have obtained our prior consent.  If you bring your dog, we request that you:

  • Keep it under control at all times and do not leave it unattended.
  • Clean up after it.
  • Bring your own basket or blanket for your dog, as these are not provided.
  • Ensure that your dog does not interfere with any of the other animals or guests

From April to August there will be ground nesting birds.  While your dog is out of sight, it may be destroying their nests.  Please keep your dog under control by lead or command to help protect our native birds.

Guests whose dogs create a nuisance or pose a danger to other guests may be required to remove their dogs from the farm.


Smoking is not permitted inside any of the farm buildings.  If you wish to smoke at the camp site, we expect that you

  • will dispose of ash and cigarette ends responsibly
  • will not smoke near to other guests or children without invitation


Please inform us of any breakages. 

We accept that minor accidents do happen.  However, if the damage is significant, the individual who made the booking will be liable.


If you have a complaint regarding any aspect of our accommodation, please raise it with us as soon as possible.  We recommend that you raise any complaints prior to your departure.  However, if you nevertheless wish to pursue a complaint after your departure, please do so in writing within 28 days.


We will not be liable for the death or injury of any of our guests, or for the loss of or damage to any of their property, except where such death, injury, loss or damage is a result of our negligence.

Our right to evict

 We may terminate our contract with you and ask you to leave your Accommodation and the Site immediately (without any compensation being payable) if: (a) we consider that you or your party have committed a serious breach of these terms and conditions; (b) we consider that your or your party’s behaviour endangers the safety of our visitors or staff; (c) any complaints are made of anti-social or unacceptable behaviour against you or your party; (d) you or your party cause an unreasonable amount of damage to the property or its contents; or (e) you exceed the maximum occupancy limit for your Accommodation.