Guest Information

What you need to know when you arrive

Key points

  • Arrival after 2pm
  • Payment is strictly on arrival
  • Green shed for facilities
  • Treehouse is not intended for campers to use
  • Dogs must be kept in check
  • Follow fire safety
  • If you can please recycle your own rubbish
  • Take care, we’re a working farm
  • No chemical toilet disposal
  • No electric hook ups
  • Toilet/Shower room/ Kettle etc – no disabled access
  • Septic tank system
  • Departure before 11am

For info on what you can do while you are here visit our “Planning Your Stay” page.

Arrival & Entrance to camping

Arrival is after 2pm and departure before 11am unless prior arrangements have been agreed by the owners.

Enter the farm track of Ring Farm (grey sign with a hen on it at the end) drive to the second bend in the road where there is a gate to the field on your left. Turn in through this gate.

(The postcode may take you to The Rings holiday cottage. This is not where the camping is located. Exit the cottage car park, turn right. Travel past the first house to the farm track on your right.)

Where do I put my tent?

Wherever the grass is cut is available for camping. There are fire pits available, please request these in advance. Please leave space around the play equipment and do not block access to the foot path and gate leading to the facilities or the main access gate to the field.

If there are going to be a number of tents in the field, someone will direct you into position when you arrive.


You will have paid your deposit to secure your booking. If you are staying additional nights the preferred method of payment would be by bank transfer alternatively payment should be made strictly by cash on arrival.

extending your stay

At weekends and busy times you must book any additional nights in advance of your stay. If the campsite is not busy additional nights can be booked by discussing availability with the owners. There are times when we are fully booked. If we can not extend your stay we hope you will come back again in the future.


The shed where the toilet and shower are located (also where the kettle and washing up facilities are) is not accessible for everyone with a disability – if you wish to discuss whether it is accessible to you, please contact us. There is a large step up to the shed and this is accessed by two concrete blocks. Please see the picture below:

The access door to the toilet is not big enough for a wheelchair and there is no turning circle space inside.

If you’d like more information about this please contact us and mention you are asking about the camping.

Toilet and shower facilities

Follow the signs attached to the walls in the green shed. The toilet and shower are in one room together. These are cleaned regularly but there are disposable cloths and a virucidal spray in the room for your use if you wish.

If you find there is no toilet paper left, or if there is anything else you need, please ask.

There is a high step into the shed where the toilet and shower are located.

Unfortunately we do not provide disposal for chemical toilets.

Septic Tank

Please be aware the toilets empty into a septic tank system.

You must not flush feminine hygiene products or contraceptives down it. The system is only suitable for soft tissue and is easily blocked. 

Only use approved cleaning products. Misuse will cause blockages and be both inconvenient and costly to rectify.

Water and Electricity

There is mains water available from a tap in the field near the footpath and gate.

Tap water is also available in the shower room.

There is electricity in the green shed. There are no motor home hook-ups in the field.

Kettle / Washing up / Phone charging

A kettle is provided for you to heat water. The water is available from the shower room. There will also be bottles of water which are filled with tap water, you can use these to fill the kettle if the shower room is occupied.

There is not a lot of space beneath the tap so a jug is provided to help you fill the kettle or the basin for washing dishes.

A plug is available if you wish to charge devices. Please be aware there is little to no 4G reception in the shed so you may not receive calls and messages while your device is charging.

If you wish your phone to be charged somewhere more secure please ask.

There is a high step into the shed where these facilities are located.

Play Equipment

The play equipment is intended for use by children of Primary school age and younger. Use of the equipment is entirely at your own risk. Children are your responsibility and must be supervised.

While every effort is made to keep the equipment in good order the weather and animals in the field often mean parts are broken. If you find something is broken, please let us know and we will do our best to fix it.

The grass around the play equipment is cut regularly but due to the awkward nature of the shape often nettles and thistles can build up around it. Please take care.

We ask that you please be mindful of other campers when playing in the field. We are happy for you to bring footballs or frisbees or other toys, but take care to respect others while playing and also bear in mind the noise.

The children who live on the farm have a treehouse adjacent to the camping field. This is not intended for campers to use. The children may wish to play together which is fine, but please be aware that this is a family space and not necessarily safe for other children.


Dogs are welcome. Please be respectful of others in allowing your dog to roam or bark – there may be other campers and there is a family living on the farm.

Please clear up after your dog.

Please do not allow your dog to approach or worry the sheep or other animals on the farm.

The field is fenced in, but the gate is usually left open to allow people to come and go.

Fires and Fire wood

There are fire pits for use at your own risk. You are welcome to bring your own wood for burning but we also sell bags of firewood at £5 per bag. Remember to check the direction of the wind when lighting your fire so you don’t end up smoked out!

Please follow fire safety rules and do not leave a fire unattended.

Bad weather or Help required

If you require help or find that the weather is causing you problems please speak to us. Of course you are welcome to leave, but if we can do anything to help before you get to that point, please let us know.

Refuse – Bins

Bins are located at the end of the farm road or at the entrance to the shed where the shower and toilet facilities are located. Some recycling is inside the shed. There is a plastic bucket for any glass and bottles, or you can leave these in a plastic bag for us to take to the recycling.

If you are happy to take rubbish but especially bottles with you and recycle when you leave we would appreciate this. There are recycling bins at Craigrothie Village hall and at most supermarkets.

  • Blue bins are for, general waste.
  • Grey/Black is paper
  • Green is for plastics and tins.

Bins are placed at the roadside on a Tuesday night for collection on a Wednesday.

Working farm

Please be aware that we are a working farm and, on occasion, heavy vehicles will be in use.  We would therefore ask that you ensure that your children are properly supervised at all times, as it is difficult for the drivers of heavy vehicles to see them.

What’s nearby?

You can find information on local attractions, places to eat and supermarkets on our “Planning Your stay” page. If you need any further information please ask or contact venues directly.


If you have an emergency:

There is a landline phone located in the Farm House, at Belle Brae, or in the External Laundry at The Rings cottage. In an emergency dial 999  or for non-emergency medical support call NHS 24 on 111

If dialing from a mobile phone use 112 which allows the emergency services to locate you by satellite.


Edenvilla Medical Practice

Bank Street


KY15 4JN

01334 654944


Call 111 for advice


Eden Veterinary Practice

Cupar Trading Estate


KY15 4SX

01334 650888


Departure is any time before 11am.

Please leave the campsite as you found it.

Terms and Conditions – Camping

Please find our terms and conditions here. By booking with us you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.